Facial Rejuvenation with Hydroxyapatite

An Aesthetic Surgery training layout visually narrating orbital rim and temple augmentation with subperiosteal Hydroxyapatite. Special emphasis paid on periosteal elevation at the rim. Another visual series striving to do justice to a pioneering technique by Dr Bryan Mendelson. Art elucidates.  

Bring out the best

A recent journal article by Dr Christopher Surek of University of Kansas Medical Center appeared in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. Our illustration in this article, depicting the trajectory of the Greater Auricular Nerve was chosen as the cover image of the Journal’s February 2017 edition. We are delighted another great article brought to … Read more

Where does the blood supply come from?

This conceptual depiction of Breast vasculature is prepared for world renown Plastic surgeon, Dr Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, pioneer of the Hall-Findlay Vertical Breast Reduction Technique. Dr Hall-Findlay argues blood supply of the nipple and areola complex is from a deep artery that comes up from the chest wall at the fourth interspace, while other deep arteries … Read more

Visual thoughts on the “Lower Eyelid Roulette”

Our visual narrative of the Lower Eyelid Lymphatics. A unique Melbourne study has recently identified for the first time a deep lymphatic system of the midface and further defined the previously described superficial system. Our conceptual approach elucidates the complex trajectory and relationships of these lymphatic vessels. Art says it all.

Chest Surgery Atlas receives “Award of Excellence”

Our studio receives Award of Excellence in the “Professional Illustrated Text” category at the Association of Medical Illustrators conference held in Cleveland on July’15. The clear visual narrative style, emphatic camera angles, and the rich colour palette on the 320 illustrations made this extensive body of work stand out.

Chest Surgery Atlas out

Springer Publishing’s latest volume in their Surgery Atlas Series is released in September ’14. All the 300 full-color illustrations in this Chest Surgery Atlas were generated in my studio. Co-edited by Professors Hendrik Dienemann and Hans Hoffmann of Heidelberg, Germany, and Frank Detterbeck of Yale University, USA, this extensive textbook was authored by 37 pioneering … Read more

Acta Neurochirurgica cover – July ’14

Quality articles, coupled with quality visuals go a long way for exposure in prestigious medical and surgical journals. An article by Dr Bora Gürer et. al. from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Research Hospital, Neurosurgery Clinic, Istanbul, titled “Use of the bovine pericardial patch and fibrin sealant in meningomyelocele closure” appeared in the July’14 … Read more

Bariatric Surgery Procedures: Which one is ideal for me?

Bariatric Surgery operations are on the rise in the Western world. And there are several Weight Loss Surgery procedures available.   How should patients be informed about these procedures and decide which one is ideal for them? By reading patient testimonies, or by the assurances provided by their doctors? By browsing through the web, or … Read more

Incision Free Weight Loss Surgery – Collection of images

This patient education image depicts the EndoBarrier procedure, which is an incision free, non-surgical weight loss technique applied under general anaesthesia. A. The EndoBarrier sleeve is released from the capsule. B. All the food that leaves the stomach passes through the 60cm long sleeve, and is not absorbed in the small intestine. C. Bile and … Read more

InterStim Sacral Neuromodulation Therapy

InterStim is a minimally invasive technique to treat Overactive Bladder Syndrome. The system targets the communication problem between the brain and the nerves that control the bladder. The device is lodged outside the pelvis, on the Gluteal muscles, close to the Iliac crest. The critical point in this narrative is to depict the device, as … Read more