Incision Free Weight Loss Surgery – Collection of images

This patient education image depicts the EndoBarrier procedure, which is an incision free, non-surgical weight loss technique applied under general anaesthesia.
A. The EndoBarrier sleeve is released from the capsule.
B. All the food that leaves the stomach passes through the 60cm long sleeve, and is not absorbed in the small intestine.
C. Bile and Pancreatic juices draining into the duodenum do not contact with food. Bile is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and changes the body’s sensitivity to its own insulin. This process helps treat type-2 Diabetes. Food is mixed with bile in the remaining, distal part of small intestine.

This illustration is part of a Collection of  five illustrations on various Incision Free Weight Loss Surgery techniques:
1. EndoBarrier
2. Gastric balloon-Insertion and removal
3. POSE_Endoluminal Obesity Surgery
4. StomaphyX
5. TOGA_Transoral Gastroplasty.

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