Ms Joanne Teresa Kleppe

While researching medical illustrators to collaborate with for our nursing bachelor degree course, I found Levent’s work online after seeing he was affiliated with the Association of Medical Illustrators. I had been looking for clear, high quality illustrations which were both anatomically correct and pedagogically presented – what I would call true illustration – of matter that otherwise would be difficult to see and understand in real life. Levent’s work has lifted our course material and added an extra dimension of quality, something which has made us proud to produce our digital series of study aids. We feel privileged to have met Levent and worked with him on this project, and are especially grateful that he was open to having his work incorporated into our digital solutions. I sought the best medical illustration in the world, and think I found it! Working with Levent also served to prove that distance was of no object – him working in Australia and us working in Norway stood as no barrier to a successful working relationship conducted almost solely via the internet. It was super to have him join us at our conference about the digital program for nursing at the local beauty spot Pulpit rock in 2009 – an experience his generosity of nature – receiving a demonstration on how he works which was great for us who work with illustration and design on a daily basis – proving that Levent’s attitude embodies what learning and education should be about.