Dr Bryan C. Mendelson

I have been most fortunate to have been involved with Levent for over 15 years with the illustration of aspects of Plastic Surgery. This has included 4 book chapters and in excess of 10 original papers, mainly on the description of aspects of facial anatomy based on original research.

Several of these papers have become recent Classics, in no small part because of the illustrations, which explain the descriptions.In fact it is common to see these classic illustrations by Levent included in presentations given by other Plastic Surgeons. The reason is that his clarity in simplifying the complex anatomy along with the accuracy of detail sets a new standard. More than excellence in technique, Levent’s imagination offers an original and different visual perspective beyond the views used in standard illustration.

Multiple revisions and refinements are often required to attain this degree of perfection. Fortunately, Levent is not held back by the artists stubborness, and his agreeable personality is an important contributor to his success as he is always willing to revisit his work and persist with the detail until the masterpiece is complete in maximally conveying the message.