Levent Efe Medical illustration studios provide conceptual, anatomical
and surgical illustrations with an emphasis on accuracy and impact.
We serve digitally rendered images to a broad range of clientele world wide.

Art elucidates. Art illuminates. Art works.

Foreskin fusion in the infant penis

Foreskin fusion in the infant penis


30-weeks pregnant woman

30-weeks pregnant woman

StJohn Ambulance Australia First Aid Manual

Anatomy of the Nasal, Oral Cavities and Throat

Anatomy of the Nasal, Oral Cavities and Throat

Mi-tec Medical Publishing

Lower eyelid lymphatics

Visual thoughts on the “Lower Eyelid Roulette”

Our visual narrative of the Lower Eyelid Lymphatics. A unique Melbourne study has recently identified for the first time a deep lymphatic system of the midface and further defined the […]

Upper lobes dissection

Chest Surgery Atlas receives “Award of Excellence”

Our studio receives Award of Excellence in the “Professional Illustrated Text” category at the Association of Medical Illustrators conference held in Cleveland on July’15. The clear visual narrative style, emphatic […]

Mediastinotomy - Through intercostal muscles

Chest Surgery Atlas out

Springer Publishing’s latest volume in their Surgery Atlas Series is released in September ’14. All the 300 full-color illustrations in this Chest Surgery Atlas were generated in my studio. Co-edited […]