Levent Efe Medical illustration studios provide conceptual, anatomical
and surgical illustrations with an emphasis on accuracy and impact.
We serve digitally rendered images to a broad range of clientele world wide.

Art elucidates. Art illuminates. Art works.

Art elucidates.
  Art illuminates.
    Art works.

Recent work

A selection of most recent work that has appeared in medical textbooks, journals, advertising, and patient education material.
Recent articles
Recent articles from the kitchen. How we communicate ideas, visualise all that cannot be seen and make medical information understandable.
Facial Rejuvenation with Hydroxyapatite
An Aesthetic Surgery training layout visually narrating orbital rim and temple augmentation with subperiosteal Hydroxyapatite. Special emphasis paid on periosteal
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Bring out the best
A recent journal article by Dr Christopher Surek of University of Kansas Medical Center appeared in the Plastic and Reconstructive
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Where does the blood supply come from?
This conceptual depiction of Breast vasculature is prepared for world renown Plastic surgeon, Dr Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, pioneer of the Hall-Findlay
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