Urethral Bulking

Urethral bulking is a minimally invasive technique for treating Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). This interactive sequence narrates the procedure with additional pop-up content and links for informing patients.

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  1. David Holmes

    Looks really good, and I am sure is the way forward. I agree with Lynsey’s comment on one with prolapse, but no matter what we do there will always be some of our membership who will say that we don’t understand prolapse or pelvic floor anatomy! Perhaps at some time we can show a video of a real prolapse appearing with a Valsalva and alongside a diagramatic representation (like this one) of what we believe is happening.

  2. Lynsey Hayward

    Levente this really adds another dimension to the leaflets that we produce and I think would be very useful for some of the simple procedures. I would love to see one with an explanation of prolapse. It is probably something we could tray and get sponsorship for as well..
    I will show to our president and Rob who as I commented is interested in animation

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