Mr Vern Vincent

“Exceptionally responsive to feedback and requests for minute adjustments” “Highly accurate, anatomical renderings with a very clear understanding and command of human anatomy” “Working from a distance with only descriptions and suggestions to go on is a huge challenge. Levent was able to quickly assimilate all vague and nebulous ideas into revised drafts. This made … Read more

Mr Andrew Burns

I have commissioned a number of illustrations from Levent for the Australian Geographic Journal. He is not only a talented illustrator but his knowledge of all things medical makes his input invaluable. His research, attention to detail and his understanding of the subject matter produces functional accurate and informative illustration that our readers love. His … Read more

Dr Calvin Miller

I regard Levent as the Frank Netter of the 21th Century. Or perhaps Frank was the Levent Efe of the 20th Century! Either way, both Levent and Frank have captured the beauty and complexity of human anatomy in illustrations that are easily understood yet detailed and precise.

Dr Vivienne Cass

Dr Efe created excellent illustrations for my book, The Elusive Orgasm, and fully satisfied my request for them to be innovative and readily understood by the general public. I found him to be professional in his approach and interested in the task at hand.

Dr Bryan C. Mendelson

I have been most fortunate to have been involved with Levent for over 15 years with the illustration of aspects of Plastic Surgery. This has included 4 book chapters and in excess of 10 original papers, mainly on the description of aspects of facial anatomy based on original research. Several of these papers have become … Read more

Professor Anthony J Costello

Illustration Commissioned by Professor Anthony Costello

I have worked with Levent Efe now for 10 years. His medical illustration is of highest quality. When I present my work around the world, which I do on a very regular basis, I am inundated with admiring comments from people in the audience about the high quality of my medical illustrations. I am in … Read more

Professor G. Ian Taylor, AO

Levent is an exceptionally talented medical artist whose work is of the highest quality and of international standard. He is very personable and a delight to work with.

Ms Bettina Arndt

Dr Vivienne Cass’ book contains splendidly graphic illustrations showing the female genitals and clitoral structures in all their newly revealed glory.

Ms Joanne Teresa Kleppe

Illustration commissioned by Joanne Kleppe of the University of Stavanger, Norway

While researching medical illustrators to collaborate with for our nursing bachelor degree course, I found Levent’s work online after seeing he was affiliated with the Association of Medical Illustrators. I had been looking for clear, high quality illustrations which were both anatomically correct and pedagogically presented – what I would call true illustration – of … Read more