Pancreatic aneurysm in Whipple

Take your camera and go on a journey within the human body

Looking at a blank page and visualising impossible camera angles is what really makes this profession extremely exciting for me. Here, my challenge was to depict a Gastroduodenal artery stump aneurysm after a Whipple operation.

Only available visual references can be seen on the top left. A 3D view of the aneurysm and a sketch form the clients, Professor Jaswinder Samra and Dr Tony Pang of Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. The extra challenge was to show communication with the Gastrointestinal tract and bleeding from aneurysms in two different locations (B and C).


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Meniscus repair

Visualising an operative sequence A patient education illustration dating back to 2003! ¬†Arthroscopic procedure to stitch a tear in the Right medial meniscus. As we are looking at the tibial…

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