Levent Efe Medical illustration studios provide conceptual, anatomical
and surgical illustrations with an emphasis on accuracy and impact.
We serve digitally rendered images to a broad range of clientele world wide.

Art elucidates. Art illuminates. Art works.

Art elucidates.
  Art illuminates.
    Art works.

Recent Illustrations
A selection of most recent work that has appeared in medical textbooks, journals, advertising, and patient education material.

Recent Animations
A selection of our most recent animation work.

GIF file elucidating the impact of boxing on the brain.

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Approaches in Surgery of the Lumbar Spine

Recent articles
Recent articles from the kitchen. How we communicate ideas, visualise all that cannot be seen and make medical information understandable.
We recently put into action a new concept at the AAPSW Plastic Surgery Conference in Melbourne. During eight talks, real
We were invited to the 41st annual conference of the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Society in Samsun, Turkey for a
We would like to recognize noteworthy acknowledgements for two recent publications. The 2018 British Medical Association Medical Book Awards jury